Race Results

Racing Results for Terra Australis Racing in the American Touring Car Championship

For detailed results of each drivers results over the past seasons of ATCC, please use the following links:

Robert aka Monkey

Paul aka Skunk

Daniel aka Kamelian

Previous seasons overall standings:

Season 4

Terra Australis Racing: 7th (559 points)

Paul aka Skunk15th271
Robert aka Monkey19th257
Daniel aka Kamelian26th178

Season 3

Terra Australis Racing: 4th (2367 points)

Paul aka Skunk22nd695
Robert aka Monkey18th805
Daniel aka Kamelian20th867

Season 2

Terra Australis Racing: 3rd (1208 points)

Paul aka Skunk21st349
Robert aka Monkey13th429
Daniel aka Kamelian12th430

Season 1

Paul aka Skunk14201
Robert aka Monkey18169
Daniel aka Kamelian22113