Contact Us

Contact Us

Need to contact the clan and don’t think its a topic suitable for the forums?  Then use the form below to send us a message!

Who should I contact, and for what?

To make sure it goes to the right place, consider the following information before selecting who you want to contact in the form 🙂

Contact the [Recon] Political Council

The leaders of the Clan. If you want to report a member of our Clan or just a general question regarding something to do with [Recon], sending an e-mail to this address will recieve a response from one of our Political Council Members.

Ask about your Recruitment submission status

If you have a question regarding recruitment to the Clan – for example you have submitted a recruitment form and you wish to find out the status of that submission, this is the best way to get into contact with us.

Contact the Webmaster

Did Monkey break something again? I’m a world class website breaker when I start doing stuff! If you have found a problem with the site or wish to offer feedback, I’m always willing to listen 🙂