About [Recon]

Welcome to the [Recon] About Us and Information Page.  Here information is provided on the history, organisation and general FAQs regarding our Clan.

What Games do you play?

[Recon] is actively playing Planetside 2 with a side serving of social Battlefield 3 and competitive Sim Racing via our Terra Australis Racing branch

A Short History

[Recon] was formed in September 2002 and began its life on the Telstra Game Arena Server playing the not long released America’s Army.

The founder Bonzol (now known as Pig) recruited Monkey as one of his first recruits and ended up being Co-Leader of the Clan until the Leaders position was abolished mid 2003.

From 2003 until 2007 we competitively played America’s Army in a variety of leagues and ladders clocking up 154 matches with a 60% winning record.  Check out our Match History.

[Recon] has many weird and wonderful facets, one of the most interesting is that nearly all members have adopted an animal name as their in game name, Monkey was the first animal and polarbear was the second from then on people began to follow the trend and dropped their much loved old gaming handles for a new life as animals in [Recon]!

As the Clan grew, it was decided that a small committee later to be called the Political Council should be formed to oversee the operations of the Clan and ensure that all decisions were considered in-depth via a voting process which for many decisions has also involved the whole Clan.

From the start an emphasis on team-work, communication and camaraderie took hold with our small community and continues to this day.

Why we are different than most clans?

This comment from a [Recon] member perhaps best demonstrates what we are about…

I think it proves that we’re not a bunch of random guys playing a game, but a bunch of mates, helping each other out… and we kick some arse when the opportunity knocks.

How is [Recon] Run?

Initially there was the 2 Leaders Pig and Monkey.  From here it progressed to the 2 Leaders + a Political Council.

Now, the Clan Leaders are considered the Political Council and is made up of 5 members of the Clan.  The rest of the Clan are grouped together as one group with no ranking associated with their position.

Some members are given extra responsibility within the clan to ensure its smooth operation and reduce the need for Political Council intervention e.g. Recruitment Officers, Team Captains and Server Admins.

Medals and war ribbons are awarded after Clan matches and are all recorded for future prosperity.

Decision Making

Depending on the decision, an idea or policy is put forward by a member of the Political Council or from a Clan Member and is discussed at length, after which a vote is taken on the matter.

If the situation warrants further discussion or to reach a consensus with the whole Clan, the issue is then put forward to the Clan body for further discussion and then a vote.

The original clan founders – Pig and Monkey retain veto right in all affairs for the Clan.


[Recon] is always on the lookout for new members, especially for Planetside 2 where size matters.

Why have an age restriction?

The average age within the clan is around 25 years old. We believe that anyone less than 18 years of age would probably not fit in well with the dynamics of our more older, mature gaming community.